I’ve been running art workshops and classes for many, many years, and I also started up an art school where I hired artists and teachers to teach kids art. Through that, I learnt that there were some amazing artists with brilliant ideas, but not necessarily the skills to teach them. And I also came across a lot of artists who could teach quite well, but I knew that with a little help they could do better, and make life much easier for themselves.
 So I’ve created this website and course to teach artists how to teach kids art!
Teaching kids has been wonderful for me in terms of finding financial security and a creative income. So I really hope that by sharing this course, other artists are also able to find a creative way to feel secure, and therefore free up their mental energy and time for more creating themselves.
It’s been a real pleasure for me to put into this course everything that I’ve learnt over the years working with kids, artists and teachers.
It’s one of the most rewarding jobs, so to share my knowledge of how to teach kids art is a real joy.
Jacqui Grantford.
(an artist who teaches)


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